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GWSB Africa Business Association Meeting

A New Association at The GWSB
On Monday, Oct 10, at 5:00PM the GWSB Africa Business Association will hold a kick-off meeting at Duques, Room 553.
We invite anyone interesting in African development or Learning more about the Africa Continent to come join us at this meeting.  We will share the presentation that we gave to the MBAA and discuss our next event with a Recruiting Manager from the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Be on the lookout for our website!

United Arab Emirates: Strategic Brand Management (MKTG 6255.60) & Advanced Marketing Management (MKTG 6241.60)

*Please contact Anne Koprince if you would like to see if this qualifies as an elective!*

United Arab Emirates: Strategic Brand Management (MKTG 6255.60) & Advanced Marketing Management (MKTG 6241.60) [6 credits]
Application Deadline: October 7, 2011
Info-session led by Dr. Hassan and Dr. Dyer:         
Tuesday, October 4
            Duques 651
Course Description
GW School of Business MBA candidates will enjoy a unique learning experience through a faculty-led study abroad program to Dubai, UAE.  This will be the fourth time the program is offered through the University.  The course addresses issues on advanced marketing strategy and market behavior in the Middle East by combining two marketing courses that focus on case studies, seminars, applied projects, site visits and guest speakers.  MBA students work on consulting teams to assist firms active or interested in entering the high growth market in the Middle East.  The course begins with intensive pre-departure classes on Foggy-Bottom campus in December.  Students then travel to the UAE in early January and return to Foggy-Bottom for post-travel debriefing sessions in late January. 
This six credit academic program integrates Advanced Marketing Management and Strategic Brand Management. The Advanced Marketing Management course focuses on marketing strategies and practices and includes cases, readings, and assignments related to advanced marketing topics that are custom-tailored to shed light on the explosion of interest and activity in Dubai. Some of the areas addressed by this course include marketing real-estate developments, Dubai as a regional hub for communications & tourism, and Dubai’s technologically sophisticated port city.
Strategic Brand Management examines the cultural and organizational contexts of strategic branding associated with global vs. local brands. While managerial implications for multinational corporations and domestic businesses will be discussed, this course will also examine perceived brand globalness in the Gulf Region as manifested in demanding more globally recognizable branded products and services. Some of the related topics addressed include nation branding, brand portfolio management, and Dubai as a destination brand.
Students can apply here:

Policy Change from the International Services Office!

A quick update for all of our International students and the Curricular Practical Training process.  Given the emphasis placed on internships in graduate school, CPT provides International Students with an important avenue to this professional experience. 
POLICY CHANGE: The ISO now requires that those seeking CPT approval provide a student cover letter in addition to the advisor approval letter and employer approval letter.

The student’s cover letter should describe the type of training employment proposed, the specific course in which students will enroll (MBAD 6298.10), and how the proposed internship directly relates to the student’s field of study. 

Please review ISO’s handout and student checklist for more information.