Fall 2015 Electives

The MSPM program will offer two electives in the fall 2015 semester – a 1.5 credit elective and a 3 credit elective. These electives are project management-specific, available on campus or via distance/online, and may be applied to the Decision Sciences (DNSC) elective requirement for the program.  An executive summary of each elective is provided below.

DNSC 6290 Project Quality Management (3 credit hours) taught by Dr. Andrew Griffith

Classic project management theory includes the concept of the triple constraint – time, cost, and quality. However, quality can be a rather vague term that is hard to quantify, measure, or improve. Project quality can be divided into three separate concerns: (1) the features incorporated in the project deliverables, (2) the fitness of the deliverables for the intended application, and (3) the effectiveness or efficiency of the project development and execution. This course is focused on the quality management of projects. It explores current theories and practices regarding quality management as applied to manufacturing and the service industry, the application to project systems, and the application to individual projects. In addition, we will explore the application of project management techniques in implementing a quality improvement initiative within an organization.

Prerequisites: None

Contact professor for sample syllabi and additional information: griffith@gwu.edu


DNSC 6290 International Project Management (1.5 credit hours) taught by Dr. Sam Ghosh (offered online only, not on campus)

August 31-October 24, 2015

The course is designed to augment the basics of project management theory with theory, practices and methodologies pertinent to the global project environment.  The course begins with a practical look at investigating the cultural environment in order to understand the context of managing global projects.

Prerequisites: None

Contact professor for sample syllabi and additional information: sghosh12@gwu.edu

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