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Fall 2016 Textbook List

Course Title Instructor Required Textbook Author(s) Publisher ISBN
DNSC 6258
Executive Decision Making
Forman Decision by Objectives, 2001; Download via:

Predictably Irrational, 2010 or any edition

Forman and Selly


World Scientific

Harper Perennial



DNSC 6247
Organization, Management, and Leadership
Hoffman Developing Management Skills, 2016, 9th edition Cameron and Whetten Prentice-Hall 9780133254228
DNSC 6262
Directed Computational Project Mgt
Jain No Required Textbook
DNSC 6257
Cost Estimation and Control
Khamooshi Total Cost Mgt Framework: An Integrated Approach to Portfolio, Program, and Project Mgt, 2015, 2nd edition Stephenson AACE Intl 9781508804765
DNSC 6202
Statistics for Management
Khamooshi Essentials of Modern Business Statistics (with Microsoft Excel), 2016, 6th edition Anderson, Sweeney and Williams South-Western College 9781285867045
DNSC 6259
Project Portfolio Mgt
Khamooshi Project Portfolio Mgt: A Practical Guide to Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolio, and Maximizing Benefits, 2005, 1st edition

Mastering Project Portfolio Mgt: A Systems Approach to Achieving Strategic Objectives, 2011


Bible and Bivins


J. Ross Publishing



DNSC 6254
Risk Management
Kwak Identifying Project Risk, 2015, 3rd edition Kendrick AMACOM 9780814436080
DNSC 6261
Introduction to Project and Program Mgt
Kwak Project Mgt: A Managerial Approach, 2014, 9th edition, binder ready version OR
Project Mgt: A Managerial Approach, 2014, 9th edition, e-text version 
Meredith, Mantel, and Shafer Wiley 9781118947029