MSPM: In the KNOW, August 23, 2016

Top 3 for 23 Aug

1- The incoming class participated in orientation on campus on Friday, 19 August and Saturday, 20 August 2016. We welcome our new MSPM students to the program. This is an exciting time of the year to join the program as we are now on our 20th year! Visit the GW PMA Facebook page for pictures from the bridge game. The program would like to thank the following MSPM Ambassadors for helping us run the orientation flawlessly:

Current Students: Rahul Rathod, Krishna Tummala and Phebean Williams.

MSPM Alumni: Wilbert Davis (’16), William Davis (’14), Michael Ortiz (’14), Elizabeth Rouse (’16), Graham Sloan (’16) and Chad Wendolek (’16).

2- The Office of the Registrar provides all registration deadlines and refund schedule for students to be aware of. If you are not yet registered for classes, please register now via GWeb. Be reminded that restrictions on most MSPM courses had been removed effective Fall 2016. This resulted to higher number of students registering for MSPM courses. Need help with registration? Schedule an advisement session with Agnes Socrates via and include your GWid.

3- The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) is inviting presenters to their annual meeting next year. If interested, submit your abstract by 31 August through this link: