DC Office of Education hiring

Education Research Analyst
Supervisory Management and Program Analyst

A few insights from a GW alum who works in the office:

  • Local education policy is rife with important and complicated issues that allow you to use your economic problem solving skills on a day-to-day basis.
  • Data analysts at OSSE code every day. At OSSE you will have the opportunity to build upon your coding expertise (Stata/SQL etc) and learn technical best practices in a large organization with many disparate data sets.
  • Data analysts take ownership over local data projects and federally mandated reports. Analysts have significant input at every step in the analysis process- working across divisions to receive, clean and analyze data, develop business rules and present results.
  • This work is important and a great way to give back to the DC community!

For a description of the opportunities available see here: http://osse.dc.gov/ossecareeropportunities

For job postings, go here: <http://careers.dc.gov/>