SmartChef Hiring Grad Students for Summer Job


 Position:       Community Relations Coordinator

Duration:     4 to 6 weeks in June to July 2016

Hours:          Flexible hours (20 to 40 hours a week)

Pay Rate:     $20 – $25/hr

CONTACT:   Send Resume to

Responsibility Matrix & Performance Evaluation Criteria

The follow table delineates the key areas of responsibility that are incumbent upon a Community Relations Coordinator:
No. Responsibility Description
1 Actively engage with restaurant owners, chefs, and general managers through face-to-face dialog in order to educate the market on the utility and value proposition of the application.
2 Solicit, gather, document, and report market feedback received from restaurant owners, chef, and general managers through the face-to-face engagement.
3 Solicit contact information for restaurant decision makers and set follow up appointments for Community Relations Manager and Executive Director when appropriate.
4 Articulate high-level understanding and explanation of application features, value propositions, and workflow (obtained through training from application team).

This position will be engaging with the local restaurant community to educate and sign up restaurants for an application that is designed to save them money by using their own invoices (along with invoices of other restaurants across the area) to identify the lowest fair market price they should be paying for any given item.



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