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MSPM in the KNOW: January 10, 2017

Top 3 for 10 January 2017

1- Spring 2017 begins on Tuesday, 17 January. Make sure you are signed up for classes listed on your DegreeMAP. Review schedule of classes and register now to secure your seat and to avoid penalty from late registration. Last day to register without penalty is 16 January (see registration schedule for details).

2- Need to Check your Spring 2017 Class Schedule? Confirm your schedule by logging into GWeb.  Courses and class schedule can be found via the Student Records & Registration Menu under Student Schedule by Date and Time tab. This site provides your official registration details. Blackboard is not the site you should use to confirm this information. Remember, you won’t see your lectures via Blackboard until your professor turns it on which typically occurs the day before your first class.

3- Thank you MSPM Volunteers! Thank you Michael Ortiz, Samantha Macinnis and Queeneth Odimegwu for running the student/panel for the incoming students during the Spring Orientation on Saturday, 7 January. Students and program alike appreciate you for sharing your experiences in the program. We couldn’t have done it without you! Again, thank you.

MSPM in the KNOW: January 3, 2017

Top 3 for 3 January 2017

1-    Spring 2017 Textbook list is now available. Note that in some courses, textbooks are optional and in some, textbook is required. Check out the blog to see the list.

2-    The MSPM program will be offering two, 1.5-credit elective in Summer 2017 (below). Check the registration page for details.  

22846  DNSC 6238    DE Project Management Organizational Context 1.5 Keleher

22847  DNSC 6237    DE International Project Management 1.5     Ghosh

22848  DNSC 6237    10 International Project Management 1.5 Ghosh

3-    Summer 2017 Short-term Study Away Programs (STAP) announced. Check out the list of program offerings to learn more.  Application is due on Sunday 26 February 2017. STAP satisfies elective requirement and will count towards your MSPM degree.

Summer 2017 Short Term Study Away Programs

Application Deadline: Sunday, February 26, 2017

** The “short-term exchange” designation identifies programs run by a GWSB partner institution, and are only open to graduate students in the School of Business. These courses are a unique opportunity to enroll directly in a course at one of our partner universities and take classes with a diverse array of students, from our partner institutions across the globe.

Summer 2017 Electives

The MPSM Program will be offering two 1.5-credit electives in Summer 2017:

22846    DNSC 6238 DE   Project Management Organizational Context  1.5  Keleher

22847    DNSC 6237  DE   International Project Management   1.5  Ghosh

22848    DNSC 6237   10   International Project Management  1.5 Ghosh  

For detailed information, check the registration page.


Spring 2017 Textbook List

Course Title Instructor Textbook Author(s) Publisher ISBN
DNSC 6202

Statistics for Management

Khamooshi, Homayoun Required: Essentials of Modern Business Statistics (with Microsoft Excel), 2016, 6th edition Anderson, Sweeney and Williams South-Western College ISBN: 9781285867045
DNSC 6235

Communications Strategies in PM

Keleher, Julia TBD    
DNSC 6250

Project Management Finance

Kwak, Young Book optional:

Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects, 2nd Edition, 2013






Elsevier Science & Technology Books



ISBN: 9780123919465


DNSC 6251

Opt. Models for Dec. Making

Novoa de Oro, Luis TBD      
DNSC 6252

Risk Analysis for Dec. Making

Kettunen, Janne Books optional:

Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools, 3rd edition, 2014


Practical Management Science, 4th edition, 2012


Clemen, R. T. and Reilly T.



Winston, W. L. and Albright S. C.


South‐Western /

Cengage Learning



South‐Western /

Cengage Learning

DNSC 6261

Intro to Project & Program Mgt

Kettunen, Janne Books optional:

Project Management: The Managerial Process, 6th edition, 2014


Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th edition, 2014


Project Management: Tools and Tradeoffs, 2004/2011.



Larson, E. W. and Gray C. F


Meredith, J. R., and Mantel, S. J.



Klastorin, T.



















DNSC 6267

Planning and Scheduling

Jain,  Sanjay Required: Construction Planning and Scheduling, 4th edition, 2011


3rd edition (2007) also acceptable

Hinze, J.W.




Hinze, J.W.

  ISBN-10: 0132473984;


ISBN-13: 978-0132473989


ISBN 10: 0132385627 ISBN 13: 9780132385626

DNSC 6269

Project Management Application

Khamooshi, Homayoun No book required.