Congratulations Angela Knight and team!

Good news for MSPM students! The GW Project Management Association (student organization), headed by MSPM student Angela Knight, recently secured funding for student engagement activities for school year 2017-2018. Funding source was from GWSB central budget. Each year, student organizations within GW submit proposals for their budget and go through a series of approval process. This was a challenge last year as majority of the funding request has not been approved and MSPM program  squeezed in some of the GWPMA activities to its program budget then. With Angela’s leadership and collegial work with the GWPMA Board, GWMSPM program and past GWPMA President Krishna Tummala, the board secured its own funding this school year. Congratulations Angela and team for this huge success!

If you have student engagement ideas or want to be involved, please contact

The board is also planning on hosting virtual meeting in the near future to make everyone aware of the GWPMA’s efforts, especially in getting the distance learners to be more involved. Stay tuned for further announcements!