Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF), Spring 2018 Application Accepted Nov 1-15, 2017

GW Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund
SpringĀ 2018 Applications Accepted November 1 – 15, 2017

Students who will be interning in unpaid internships in the spring of 2018 are encouraged to apply to the Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) program.

KACIF supports GW students in pursuing high-quality, necessarily unpaid internships that foster their career exploration and enhance their academic program, while reducing the financial challenges associated with necessarily-unpaid internships. Facilitated by the university’s Career Services Council and funded through the generous support of alumni, parents and members of the Board of Trustees, KACIF provides grants ranging up to $3,000 to GW undergraduate and graduate students pursuing internships that are necessarily unpaid.

Applications accepted November 1 through November 15, 2017. Interested students can go to the KACIF website to review more information, including eligibility requirements and application instructions.

You are invited to watch this clip of past KACIF recipients thanking donors and talking about their experiences with their internships.

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