MSPM in the KNOW: August 15, 2017

Top 3 for 15 August

1-    Review summer grades, academic policies and requirements. Students should review their grades for courses taken in summer 2017 semester. Contact your instructor for any missing grades. Now is also a good time to go over the academic policies. GW’s general requirements, including information on grades appears under University Regulations in the Bulletin. Details on academic probation, grades of F, suspension, and incompletes are available under the GWSB Graduate Programs website. Each student is required to know these requirements and regulations. If you have questions about your academic standing, schedule an advisement session with Agnes Socrates via

2-     Fall 2017 Textbooks. List of fall 2017 textbooks is now available on the blog. Please check list via this link. Email your course instructor with any questions regarding textbooks. Note that the GW bookstore has moved all course materials, including ALL required and recommended textbooks, to only be available online at Therefore, students will NOT be able to purchase books on campus, the day of classes as it was done before. Please consider this change as you plan to purchase your books for the fall 2017 semester.

3-    Registering for DNSC 6254 Risk Management (1.5) or DNSC 6257 Cost Estimation and Control (1.5) in the fall semester? Some of you are unable to self-register for DNSC 6254 and DNSC 6257 even though you have completed the prerequisites for these courses. If you are one of these students, you must register via a Registration Transaction Form (RTF), not via GWeb. Submit a completed RTF to Agnes Socrates by email ( Details for the form, such as the course CRN and section are found on the Schedule of Classes under Decision Sciences.