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Welcome GWPMA Board for 2018!

We welcome the new GWPMA Board for 2018 who will lead the MSPM student body
and organize events such as Luncheons, Volunteer Fairs and University Talks through Spring 2019. Congratulations to the new members namely:
  • President: Douglas Robertson
  • Vice President, Strategic Relations: Ishai Trani

Douglas and Ishai had officially transitioned into their new roles as of February 6, 2018. Current Distance Student Representative (International) held by Vugar Mammadov is currently vacant and will be filled in shortly. If interested in this position, please email

We thank GWPMA’s 2017 board members: Angela Knight (President), Phebean Williams (VP for Strategic Relations) and Vugar Mammadov (Distance Student Representative, International) for their leadership and service. Among the many accomplishments of the board include: Securing Event and Training Budget for GWPMA and successfully organizing the following:

  • Spring 2018 Career Fair
  • The Power of Communications Webinar, featuring Alan Zucker, CEO PM Essentials
  • 2017 PM Symposium
  • PMP Study Groups

The following Board Members will continue their service with the GWPMA:

  • Vice President, Events: Tara Turner
  • Vice President, Communications and Marketing: Lisa Samuel Hamilton
  • Distance Student Representative (Domestic): Daralyn Bryant

Bob Estes: It’s Working – CERES First Light!

Robert (Bob) Estes, MSPM student and NASA’s Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Deputy Project Manager, Flight Projects Directorate announced that the CERES is working!

Bob shared images of the first light observed by the CERES FM6 instrument on orbit. The CERES instrument was one of the five that launched November 18, 2017 aboard the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Joint Polar Satellite System-1 (JPSS-1). After reaching the polar orbit, the satellite became NOAA-20.

Following successful JPSS-1 launch, CERES was deployed on orbit and began scanning Earth on January 10, 2018. Scientists used those scans to produce “light” images (see photos below).

In an email from Bob, he says “In all my years at NASA,  I don’t think I have ever had such an emotional reaction as when I viewed these images.  It is so humbling to see the instrument in operations and I am so grateful to all of the CERES team whose contributions have made this event possible.”

CERES is one of the many examples where project management is applied. It is a testament to the applicability of this discipline in scientific discoveries.

In this shortwave image from CERES FM6, the white and green shades represent thick cloud cover reflecting incoming solar energy back to space. Compare that with the darker blue regions, which have no cloud cover, to get a sense for just how much clouds can affect the balance of incoming and outgoing energy on Earth.
Credits: NASA
In this longwave image from CERES FM6, heat energy radiated from Earth is represented by shades of yellow, red, blue and white. Bright yellow regions are the hottest and emit the most energy out to space. Dark blue and bright white regions, which represent clouds, are much colder and emit the least energy.
Credits: NASA

MSPM in the KNOW: February 6, 2018

Top 3 for 6 February 2018:

1- Thank you MSPM student, Mina Panahi for facilitating last week’s PMIWDC Washington Circle Luncheon Event, “Using Dharma to Supercharge Your Leadership and Life” featuring Sunil Saxena, MD. Washington Circle luncheons are free events sponsored by the GWMSPM program in partnership with the PMIWDC. Last week’s event attracted 33 local project managers. Each participant earned 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) in Leadership talent triangle. Check out event photos on our facebook page.

2- The GWPMA (student organization) participated at the GWSB Spring 2018 Career Expo on February 1st to promote the GWMSPM program and its students with hiring companies. MSPM student Tara Turner and outgoing GWPMA President, Angela Knight worked with the school’s career center on planning for this event.  Incoming GWPMA President Douglas Robertson, staffed the organization’s event table during the Career Expo. The event attracted hundreds of  students and 30 hiring companies including: AARP, Berkadia, Commercial Mortgage, Capgemini Government Solutions, Choice Hotels International, Education Pioneers, Evergreen Enterprises, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, World Bank Group and others. Well done GWPMA! Check out photos on facebook.

3- Upcoming Career Events:

NSA Info Session and NSA Lobby Greeting | February 7th (This Wednesday) 

Target Audience: Grads and Undergrads from the following majors: Business Administration, Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing | Economics; Quantitative Methods | Organizational Management; Industrial Management; Program Management | Engineering; Computer Science | Information Technology; Systems Management. US Citizenship required for job application as it is a government agency. 

Leidos Information Session | Feb. 7th (This Wednesday)

Target Audience: STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Students from all schools

VMWare Info Session & Tech Talk | Feb. 8th (This Thursday)

Target Audience: STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Students from all schools

srcLogic Information Session: Is Consulting Right for You?Feb. 12 (Next Monday)

Target Audience: Tech, Consulting

National Security Agency Information Session, February 7

Interested in Federal Employment post-graduation? Have you considered bringing your talents to the National Security Agency (NSA)? NSA is looking for talented students to join our growing team! Lead recruiters from NSA’s business directorate will be on campus sharing information with students about their organization, and what they’re looking for in prospective business candidates. NSA employs a wide variety of business professionals who play a key role protecting our nation’s security every day. NSA relies on the skills of our acquisition, finance, and accounting professionals to support the internal infrastructure of a federal agency comparable in size and budget to Fortune 100 companies. Register via the following link: