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Experience: Robert Torres at the GWSB Student/Alumni Luncheon

On November 16, I attend the GWSB Student/Alumni Luncheon. Although I am not graduating until next year, I thought that this this was an excellent opportunity to meet with members of the GWSB Alumni Community.

During the luncheon, I talked to Lila Mei Lee, the alumni table leader. She works at the Director of the Division of Organizational Reengineering at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  I asked her specifically about about her career path and how her education at GWSB guided her career decisions. The free luncheon provided me with an opportunity to ask questions that I may not necessarily ask in an interview.

I was the only student from the MSPM. Most of the other students were MBA students and they were not aware of the MSPM program. I talked about the program and I think that I even recruited two students to join the MSPM.  The MSPM students are part of the GWSB Student Community.  In the future, I will recommend other MSPM students to take advantage of any networking opportunities that GWSB offers.  I know that the connections I made at this luncheon could lead to future opportunities!

Robert Torres, MSPM 2011

EcoBuild America 2010 Volunteer Opportunities

GW MSPM will be at the 2010 EcoBuild America Conference in Washington, DC on December 8 and 9!

EcoBuild has been kind enough to offer our students the opportunity to volunteer for the Conference, which is scheduled for December 6-10.  For more information about specific volunteer opportunities, please visit this website:

Be sure to say that you are a GWU MSPM Student!