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MSPM: In the Know, February 2, 2016

Top 3 for 2 Feb

Upcoming Events

Resources for Success
The MSPM director serves as the academic advisor and staff resource for all MSPM students. Please contact your advisor with any questions regarding the program, degree requirements, room reservations within GWSB, scholarships, or any other matters pertaining to your degree.
Students are also responsible for understanding and complying with University, School, and MSPM Program requirements. Below is a listing of resources to assist in your success at GW (list is not exhaustive):

Summer 2016 Registration Opens 1 Mar
Registration for summer 2016 courses begins 1 Mar. Summer session I begins 16 May and summer session II begins 5 Jul. Review the DNSC course offerings via the Schedule of Classes. No core MSPM courses will be offered in summer 2016, only electives. Schedule an advisement session with me to discuss your options and to review your plan in DegreeMAP. Take action now to avoid schedule conflicts or delayed graduation.

The MSPM program will offer two 1.5 electives in summer session I:

The Decision Sciences Dept also offers electives focused on business analytics, some of which are open to MSPM students:

  • DNSC 6290 Visualization for Analytics, Grover, campus only
  • DNSC 6290 Big Data, Vaisman, campus only
  • DNSC 6290 Business Process Simulation, Jain, distance/online section open to MSPM students, campus section restricted to MSBA students (see MSBA program for permission to enter campus section)
  • DNSC 6290 Social Network Analysis for Managers, Kanungo, distance/online only

MSPM: In the Know, December 29, 2015

Top 3 for 29 Dec

Town Hall with Dean Livingstone, 27 Jan
All specialized masters students are invited to a town hall with Dean Livingstone on Wednesday, 27 Jan, 6-7 p.m. EST. Event will take place in Duques Hall, room 353. Additional details will be sent in the coming weeks.

When is my Bill Due?
For information on all student accounts-related questions, visit the Student Accounts Office website. Spring 2016 payments are due Monday, 11 Jan.

University Bulletin
Students enrolled in GW are required to conform to the regulations within the Bulletin and to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school in which they are registered. Students are responsible for educating themselves on the regulations and requirements of GW, the school, and their program.

MSPM: In the Know, September 2, 2015

Top 3 for 1 Sep

MSPM Handbook
The MSPM program recently published a student handbook. The handbook serves as a resource to students, outlining program policies and procedures, and reminding all students of the policies and procedures of the George Washington University and the GW School of Business. As a reminder, all students are responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures, including those published in the University Bulletin, the School of Business Bulletin, and the MSPM Student Handbook.

Fall Course Reminders
The fall semester began yesterday. The courses will appear on Blackboard once the faculty make them available. In some instances this will not occur until the first lecture. Review the Blackboard Collaborate schedule on the blog if you are registered for the online section of a course. Textbook information is also on the blog. Specific questions about a certain course? Contact the professor for details.

Last Day to Add a Course via GWeb, 11 Sep
The last day to add a course via GWeb is Friday, 11 Sep. If you plan to add a course, make the decision early to avoid missed lectures and/or assignments.

MSPM: In the Know, March 17, 2015

Top 3 for 17 Mar

Fall Registration Opens Monday, 23 Mar
Registration for the fall 2015 semester opens on Monday, 23 Mar. Review the Schedule of Classes for course offerings. Have you confirmed your courses per the plan in DegreeMAP? If you are uncertain on which courses to register in, schedule an advisement session via www.meetme.so/gwmspm.

Information on the fall DNSC electives is available on the blog at www.gwprojectmanagement.org. We will offer two 1.5 credit electives and one 3 credit elective in the fall, on campus and online sections available.
• Summer 2015 DNSC Electives
The MSPM program is not offering project management-specific electives in summer 2015, only core courses. The Department of Decision Sciences (DNSC), though, is offering several electives from their business analytics program that may be of interest:
  • DNSC 6290.10 Visualization for Analytics, 1.5 credits, on campus only, Dr. Grover (suneel@gwu.edu)
  • DNSC 6290.11 Business Process Analytics, 1.5 credits, on campus only (hope to offer online section), Dr. Jain (jain@gwu.edu)
  • DNSC 6290.20 Big Data, 1.5 credits, on campus only, instructor TBD
  • DNSC 6290.ON Social Network Analysis for Managers, 3 credits, online only, Dr. Kanungo (kanungo@gwu.edu)

Academic Probation
Although the terms of academic probation are outlined in detail during the new student orientation, a refresher mid-semester is always helpful. As always, if you have specific questions or concerns about your academic progress, schedule an advisement session with your advisor, that’s Cambria, to discuss in detail.

The University Bulletin provides details on the terms of academic probation at GWSB. A student whose GPA falls below 3.0 at any point after completing 9 credit hours will be placed on probation. You will receive a notice from the program when this occurs.

At the graduate level, students may earn grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, or F. Grades of A through C- are considered passing grades. A grade of F indicates a failure in the course. Students who receive a grade of F are required to present cause, for consideration by the program director, as to why continued study should be permitted. Grades of F remain a part of your permanent record and are calculated into your GPA.

MSPM: In the Know, January 14, 2015

Top 3 for 14 Jan

Access to Software
All MSPM students, including the new spring 2015 students, have access to DreamSpark where they can download key Microsoft software (Office excluded). Instructions on downloading software from DreamSpark are available on the blog (uses same password as bio books). If you are accessing DreamSpark for the first time, you will need to register/create an account using your @gwmail.gwu.edu email address. If you run into any issues, contact Sami Nagi at sami@gwu.edu.

Students may also download VM Fusion, helpful if using a Mac. As a reminder, Microsoft does not offer a Mac version of Project. VM Fusion simulates a Windows environment to run Project.

Those interested in purchasing other software packages at an educational discount, visit JourneyEd. Additional free software downloads are available from the GW Division of IT and through the Virtual Computer Lab. Your professors will tell you what software is required in each course.

• Religious Observances and Holidays
GW’s policy regarding accommodations for religious holidays may be found on the Office of the Provost website. This is a reminder that students must notify faculty during the first week of the semester of their intention to be absent from class on their day(s) of religious observance. We are currently in the first week of the spring 2015 semester.

Academic Probation and GPA Requirements
GW’s general requirements, including information on grades and computing GPA, appears under University Regulations in the Bulletin. Details on academic probation, grades of F, suspension, and incompletes are available under the School of Business section in the Bulletin. Each student is required to be familiar with these requirements and regulations. If you have questions about your academic standing, schedule an advisement session with me to discuss.

MSPM: In the Know, January 2, 2015

Top 3 for 2 Jan

Spring 2015 Textbook List
The spring 2015 textbook list for MSPM courses is now available on the blog at www.gwprojectmanagement.org.• Spring Courses on Blackboard
Courses will likely not appear on Blackboard until the week of 12 Jan. Once the professor opens the course on Blackboard, that is when you’ll have access.

If you need to confirm your spring course registrations, do so in GWeb, not Blackboard.
Fall 2014 courses will be removed from Blackboard shortly. If you need to download materials from those courses, do so immediately. Once the course is removed, you will no longer have access.

As a reminder, graduate students at GW may earn the following grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, and F. Grades A through C- are considered passing grades. Only a grade of F is a failure.

Please also remember that graduate students are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. If your GPA drops below a 3.0 after the completion of 9 credit hours, you will be placed on academic probation. I invite all students to review the GW and GWSB policies and regulations on this matter via the University Bulletin.

MSPM: In the Know, June 18, 2014

MSPM: In the Know


University Bulletin 2014-2015
Call to Employees of SAIC, Leidos, LMCO, and OAS
Research Study on Ethical Behaviors and Corporate Governance

Dear MSPM students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

University Bulletin 2014-2015

The University Bulletin is now available online and has been updated for the 2014-2015 academic year. The bulletin provides details on university regulations, school policies, and more.

Call to Employees of SAIC, Leidos, LMCO, and OAS

Students enrolled in the MSPM program and employed by SAIC, Leidos, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), or the Organization of  American States (OAS) should contact me immediately to discuss possible tuition discounts. Should it be determined that you qualify for a tuition discount based on your employer and program mode, you must contact me and register for fall classes no later than Monday, 30 Jun.

Research Study on Ethical Behaviors and Corporate Governance

Eduardo Victor Lopez, PMP, PgMP, an alum of the MSPM program, is conducting a research study as part of his PhD dissertation. He has requested the assistance of the MSPM students in completing a 12 question survey on ethical behaviors and corporate governance. Complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZY6K2LJ by 14 Jul.

MSPM: In the Know, December 23, 2013

MSPM: In the Know

Reminder of Academic Probation & Suspension Policies
Update Contact Information
Summer 2014 Schedule Available

Dear MSPM Students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

Reminder of Academic Probation & Suspension Policies

As the fall semester ends, I’d like to remind everyone of the academic probation and suspension policies. Full details on the policies are available on the University Bulletin under the Scholarship Requirements section of the School of Business. Highlights are provided below:

  • If your GPA falls below 3.0 at any point after completing 9 credit hours, you will be placed on probation and a hold will be placed on your account.
  • Once on probation, the student will remain on probation for their next 12 credit hours or until graduation, whichever comes first. The GPA must be at or above a 3.0 at that time to continue in the program.
  • Incomplete grades are not allowed during probation.
  • Students who fail to earn a 3.0 or above at the end of their probation term will be suspended.
  • A student subject to probation for a second time at any point during the program will be suspended.
  • A student who receives a grade of F must present cause, for consideration by the program director, as to why continued study should be permitted.
  • If continued study is permitted, student must retake failed course and earn a B or higher. If a B or higher is not earned, the student will be denied further registration as a degree candidate.
  • A suspended student may apply for readmission to the program after the lapse of one semester. Readmitted students must then earn a 3.5 GPA in their next 12 credit hours.

Once all final grades are submitted for the fall 2013 term, I will reach out to those individuals who meet the probation or suspension criteria. Should you have any question on the matter, please schedule an advisement session with me at www.meetme.so/gwmspm.

Update Contact Information

Moved recently or started a new job? Have you updated your email address, phone number, and/or mailing address with GW? It is the responsibility of each student to maintain accurate contact information with the university. To review and/or update your contact information on record, log onto the GWeb Info Systems site and select Personal Information Menu. Students may also complete the Change of Address form available from the Office of the Registrar website. Return the form to the Office of the Registrar via email, fax, or mail.

Summer 2014 Schedule Available

The summer 2014 schedule is now available on the Schedule of Classes. To confirm your plan for the summer semester, schedule an advisement session with me via www.meetme.so/gwmspm. Details on the 1.5 credit elective, DNSC 6290 Project Governance, will be posted shortly.