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MSPM in the KNOW: February 7, 2017

Top 3 for 7 February 2017

1-  Congratulations, Rahul Rathod! Current MSPM student, Rahul Rathod obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP)® Credential. Rahul joined MSPM in Fall 2015. He took the PMP exam last month and subsequently passed it. Congratulations, Rahul on your recent success!

2-  Summer 2017 Registration. Registration for the 2017 Summer Sessions will open on Wednesday, 1 March. Continuing students may register for classes on GWeb. Summer semester is the best time to fulfill your Electives. No core MSPM courses are offered in the summer semester. The following MSPM courses are available in Summer 2017:

DNSC 6237: International Project Management, Prof. Ghosh (Campus and DE)

DNSC 6238: Project Management and Organizational Context, Prof. Keleher (DE)

The Department of Decision Sciences offers electives focused on business analytics, some of which are open to MSPM students. Any of the following electives will satisfy your Decision Science elective requirement:

  • DNSC 6290 Visualization for Analytics, Grover, campus only
  • DNSC 6290 Big Data, Vaisman, campus only
  • DNSC 6290 Social Network Analysis for Managers, Kanungo, distance/online only
  • DNSC 6225 Business Process Simulation, Jain, distance/online section open to MSPM students, campus section restricted to MSBA students (see MSBA program for permission to enter campus section)

3-  GW University PM Talk. Natalya H. Bah, MSPM alumni and owner of Natalya H. Bah Consulting, will be coming to campus to speak at the GW PM University Talk. Event is free to students with ID. MSPM students are highly encouraged to attend. The event is offered by the PMIWDC in coordination with the GW Project Management Association. Event details are as follows:

GW University PM Talk | 1 March 2017 | 6-8 PM

Marvin Center Room 309, 800 21st Street NW Washington, DC 20052


Spring 2013 Elective – DNSC 6290 Legal & Ethical Issues in Project Management (listed as Law & Ethics in PM)

Keith Diener, Esq., visiting assistant professor with the GW School of Business and adjunct professor of law and paralegal studies with the GW Law School, will be offering a new 3 credit hour elective this spring, Legal & Ethical Issues in Project Management. Note: course listed as Law & Ethics in PM with the Office of the Registrar.
CRN Distance – 26439
CRN On Campus – 26438

The course offers an examination of the legal and ethical environment of project management, with particular attention to liability, culpability, and ethical quandaries for project managers. Students learn strategies for avoiding legal nightmares, a framework for ethical behavior, and to develop their communication skills through assignments that require clear, concise, and accurate writing.

Students will learn:


1. The theories that underlie the law pertinent to project management, ethics, and the resolution of legal and ethical issues.

2. The fundamental rights and duties under contract law, tort law, and employment law applicable to project managers.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of dispute resolution.

4. The important legal, tax, and management consequences of the different forms of business organization, and risks of contracting with them.

5. The civil and criminal liability of organizations for the actions of their project managers and employees.

6. To strengthen their analytical and communication skills by learning to distinguish important from unimportant information, facts from issues, and arguments from conclusions.

Assignments (for the 14 week course) will include two 2-page case studies, one 3-5 page reflection paper, and one final exam.

Registration opens November 5, 2012.