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2016 Oregon Summer Fellowship Program and Hatfield Resident Fellows Program

The Hatfield Resident Fellows program targets postgraduate Master and Ph.D. students with a strong scholarship record and earnest interest in public service and leadership. The Fellowship is an academically rigorous, project-oriented, educational experience designed to provide each Fellow with an opportunity to acquire leadership skills with a public service agency in Oregon.
This program is specifically designed for recent graduates who have completed their Master or Ph.D. program within the last year — or who will receive their degree by June 30, 2016.  Presently, approximately 25 placements are anticipated.  Hatfield Residents will receive $24,000 over the course of the Fellowship.  Fellows are considered Portland State University employees.  This is not a benefits eligible position and a background check is required.
The Oregon Summer Fellowship pulls the brightest graduate students from universities across the country into the distinct natural, political and economic settings of Portland and Oregon. Students arrive from diverse academic disciplines, careers and life experiences, but all answering a call to public service. The 10-week fellowship places students with local levels of government, non-profits or private consultancies providing dynamic challenges for the Fellow and professional expectations from the sponsoring agency for the future leaders.
This program is for current graduate students who are pursing in public service-facing Master or Ph.D. discipline (public policy and public administration are obvious, but business, finance, IT, HR, industrial engineering, and even journalism and cultural anthropology are suitable!).  Their starting dates span early May through late June, depending on the academic calendar of their university, but in all cases their appointments are for 40 hours per week spread over 10-weeks with a $6,000 stipend provided. Presently, approximately 20 Oregon Summer Fellowship placements are anticipated.
The Oregon Summer Fellows and Hatfield Resident Fellows programs from Portland State University’s Center for Public Service provide opportunities to public service professionals-in-waiting to take Oregon for a test drive; to sample the lifestyle, get local content on their resume, augment their work experience, and to enlarge their professional network.  At the same time, our sponsors get a low risk (but pretty strategic) way to preview and assess exceptional, innovative, ethical, diverse and contribution-ready talent from a wide range of disciplines.   The potential payoff is best captured in the proverb, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  Both programs are designed around the concept of strategic talent sourcing and aimed at shortening the distance and improving the opportunities for interaction between potential employer and potential employee.
We are particularly interested in attracting exceptionally talented and diverse candidates with a passion for public service and a desire to launch their careers in the Pacific Northwest.  Our quest for diversity earnestly focuses on attracting applicants from under-served communities, but also extends more broadly to assembling a “fusion class” of 2016 Fellows from a diverse range of academic disciplines, competencies, experiences, geographies, ages, languages, and career aspirations as well.  We regard social diversity as the analog to biodiversity in that the richer the diversity of civic life, the greater the opportunity for social balance, justice, innovation, economic opportunity, and adaptive responses to such new challenges.  Building a diverse base of public service management and policy capacity is at the heart of our Next Generation Initiative.  It is an important key to keeping Oregon a special place in the future.
Finally, the Pacific Northwest is special in its beauty and somewhat protected by its distance.  Far removed from the conventional centers of economic, political, and cultural power, we are mindful of our natural resources heritage and careful about our future.  We tend to attract lifestyle aspirants who are drawn to the culture and pace and place of a state whose motto is “She Flies With Her Own Wings.”
  • Application Round 1: Candidates can apply online for either of our two Fellowship programs any time between Oct. 7, 2015 up to and including the January 4, 2016 due date.  (Estimated time to complete for this phase:  less than 10-minutes)
  • Application Round 2: Those invited to continue to the second round complete an online “applicant’s survey” by January 18, 2016.  (Estimated time to complete for this phase:  10-minutes)
  • Application Round 3: Applicants who make it to the third round will be asked to respond to 2 essay questions from a list of 4 possible essays by February 8, 2016.  (Estimated time to complete for this phase:  30-60 minutes)
  • Selection Decisions: Approximately 20 Oregon Summer Fellows and approximately 25 Hatfield Residents will be selected February 19, 2016 for advancement into the placement process.

Call for Applications: 2015 Veterans Take Point Initiative, Aug 16 Deadline

The Atlantic Council is seeking applications for the Take Point Initiative, a fellowship program open to veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are 35 years old and younger and who currently work in, or would like to transition to, careers in international policy. The program includes opportunities to network with potential employers and funders, deepen their substantive policy expertise, and build nonprofit and thought leadership skills over the course of an intensive ten-day fellowship program in Washington, DC planned for October 13 – 23, 2015. Additionally, the Council will award over $60,000 in grant funds to Take Point fellows to support their work. In turn, fellows will commit to using their training to help provide a voice for other young veterans in the foreign policy discourse, including injured veterans.

Application deadline is August 16, 2015. Learn more at http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/programs/millennium-leadership-program/veterans-take-point-initiative/apply-now-veterans-take-point-initiative

MSPM: In the Know, December 10, 2014

Top 3 for 10 Dec

MSPM Spring Orientation Student & Alumni Reception, 9 Jan
The GW MS in Project Management Alumni Network cordially invites alumni and current students to connect at the program’s spring orientation. This will be a great opportunity for both incoming and current MSPM students to connect with the program’s alumni and share their experiences at GW. Hors d’ouevres, beer and wine will be served. Register today! Friday, 9 Jan, 6-7:30 p.m. in Duques Hall, 6th Floor.

• Spring 2015 Scholarship Deadline, 14 Dec
Sunday, 14 Dec, is the deadline to apply for scholarship funding in the spring 2015 semester. We will award two scholarships, each in the amount of $3,750. Full details on the scholarships and the application process and requirements are available on the blog.

Graduate Aide Position, Office of Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships
The Office of Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships is actively seeking a full-time MSPM student to serve as a graduate aide beginning in January. Full details on the position are available on the blog. Position requires 20 hours per week, knowledge of MS Access, and includes an hourly wage and tuition benefits. Send your application/resume via email to gradfell@gwu.edu.

MSPM: In the Know, July 16, 2014

MSPM: In the Know


Need-Based Scholarship Deadline, 24 Jul
Graduate Fellow Position, GW Military and Veteran Career Services
1 More Volunteer Needed for Fall Orientation

Dear MSPM students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

Need-Based Scholarship Deadline, 24 Jul

Thursday, 24 Jul, is the deadline to apply for the need-based scholarships available for the fall 2014 semester. Details on the criteria and application process are available on the blog at www.gwprojectmanagement.org.

Essays received with spelling errors, poor grammar, or formatting issues receive less consideration than those that exhibit graduate-level writing. Take full advantage of the GW resources that your tuition payments fund, such as the GW Writing Center or the English for Academic Purposes Program.

Graduate Fellow Position, GW Military and Veteran Career Services

The Interdisciplinary Career Services Initiatives office within the GW Center for Career Services is looking to fill their Graduate Fellow for Interdisciplinary Initiatives position for the 2014-2015 academic year. The fellow will participate as a member of the team charged with advancing career services and resources for military-related students including current service, veterans and military families.

Fellow is paid an hourly rate and is expected to work 20-25 hours per week. Must be a current GW graduate student that is either a veteran, active duty service member, or dependent to fill the position. To apply, submit cover letter and resume to Marva Gumbs Jennings, Managing Director, Interdisciplinary Initiatives with subject line: Grad Fellow-Military and Veteran Career Services to mgumbs@gwu.edu.

1 More Volunteer Needed for Fall Orientation

One additional volunteer is needed to assist with the bridge game during the fall 2014 MSPM orientation scheduled on Friday, 15 Aug. This is a great way to meet the incoming students, plus lunch is provided. Time commitment is 1:30 to 4 pm. Contact Cambria Happ at chapp@gwu.edu if you are interested.

MSPM: In the Know, April 2, 2014

MSPM: In the Know

Vote for the 2014 Outstanding MSPM Faculty Award
Summer 2014 Registration – Distance Sections Almost Full
National Fellowship Databases

Dear MSPM Students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

Vote for the 2014 Outstanding MSPM Faculty Award

Submit your vote before 12pm EDT on Friday, April 4, for the 2014 Outstanding MSPM Faculty Award. This is your opportunity to recognize your favorite professor for their contributions and dedication to MSPM students and the program.

Summer 2014 Registration – Distance Sections Almost Full

The distance sections of our summer course offerings are almost full. If your plan in DegreeMAP included attendance in the summer semester and you are limited to only distance courses, register immediately to claim your seat. If you are in the DC metro area and are able to attend the on campus sections, register accordingly.

If you have a financial hold on your account, you must resolve the outstanding balance with GW before you are able to register. The MSPM program office is not authorized to remove or bypass financial holds. If, however, you have an academic hold on your account, schedule an advisement session with me to discuss.

National Fellowship Databases

GW’s Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships provides access to national fellowship databases. MSPM students are encouraged to utilize databases, such as Grant Forward and Pivot, to seek out funding for your graduate education. Many scholarships and fellowships are not issued annually because students simply do not apply.

Need help with your scholarship or fellowship application essay? Book an appointment with the GW Writing Center to present the best you in your application essay.

MSPM: In the Know, February 12, 2014

MSPM: In the Know

Fellowship & Scholarship Deadlines Approaching
Summer 2014 Short-term Study Abroad
Graduate, Distance, and Professional Student Focus Group

Dear MSPM Students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

Fellowship & Scholarship Deadlines Approaching

The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships offers a variety of fellowships and scholarships to GW graduate students. Some are even specific to GW School of Business students. Review the list available online, taking particular note of the following:

Please also notify the MSPM program regarding your application so that we can provide any required recommendations or confirmation of your enrollment in the program. Don’t leave money sitting on the table, apply for all fellowships and scholarships that you are eligible for!

Summer 2014 Short-term Study Abroad

The deadline to apply for the summer 2014 short-term study abroad programs is 2 Mar. A variety of programs are being offered, with the following of particular note to those in the MSPM program:

  • United Kingdom – Business and the State: Privatization & Public-Private Partnerships
  • France – Strategic Management in the EU
  • Brazil – Impacts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – 21 Feb Application Deadline

Remember, short-term study abroad program courses must be approved by the MSPM director prior to application and enrollment. Schedule an advisement session with me to discuss the application of these courses to your degree requirements.

Graduate, Distance, and Professional Student Focus Groups

Share feedback on your experience with GW and offer recommendations for improvements at an hour-long focus group. Focus groups are scheduled online and in-person on the following dates and times:

  • Wednesday, 26 Feb, 5:30-6:30pm, Marvin Center, 5th floor (dinner provided)
  • Thursday, 27 Feb, 9-10pm, Marvin Center, 5th floor (dinner provided)
  • Friday, 28 Feb, 1-2pm EST, Online via Google Hangout
  • Monday, 3 Mar, 1-2pm EST, Online via Google Hangout

RSVP online today!

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Scholarships


The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs (usually at the graduate level) in the United States for up to one year. Candidates for awards are recommended to the ASF by our cooperating organizations. In order to apply submit applications to the appropriate cooperative organization (see website). Awards are made in all fields.


Applicants must be citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden.

Terms of Award:

The number and size of awards granted annually varies widely between countries. Contact the ASF’s cooperating organizations for specific information regarding eligibility, award size and application deadlines. The ASF’s Fellowships and Grants Division will be happy to assist with general inquiries.

Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Studies Scholarships

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi currently awards fifty-one Fellowships of $5,000 each and six at $15,000 each to members entering the first year of graduate or professional study.

Who is eligible to apply?
To apply for a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship, you must:

  • Be an active member of Phi Kappa Phi (annual dues paid by March 31 of the current year) or have accepted membership by June 30 of the year in which you are applying. Applications will be accepted from individuals selected for membership but not yet initiated; see the application form for details.
  • Have applied to enroll as a full-time student in a post-baccalaureate program of study for the current academic year, preferably at an accredited American Institution of higher learning. Accredited international institutions are acceptable.

Please note:

  •  International students are eligible.
  • Students registering in all professional and graduate fields are eligible.
  • Applicants who have successfully completed ten or more graduate credits on or before April 15 are not eligible.
  • Winners may defer for up to two years, pending approval.