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Ernst & Young Internship Opportunity – Program Management Intern

Ernst & Young
Advisory Services – Program Management Intern
GW Position ID: 833548
What it means to be part of EY’s Advisory group 
EY Advisory Services is a fast-moving, high-growth service area with huge potential. It offers variety, challenge, responsibility and the opportunity to realize your leadership potential. While our Advisory team comprises two main businesses – Performance Improvement and RISK – we serve our clients by building integrated teams from each of these two areas. We assist clients to drive business-led and technology-enabled transformation across a broad range of business issues. We are committed to “building a better working world” with a focus on improving business performance and managing risk.
An introduction to Performance Improvement 
Our Performance Improvement team is all about helping clients improve security and efficiency, while also reducing their costs. We help clients by delivering assessment, transformation and process efficiency solutions in a variety of specialty areas.
Program Management
Our Program Management teams provide comprehensive services to design build and operate large complex transformational programs, including the following: PMO design, build and operate; Program transformation project management; Program delivery effectiveness.
Requirements for a position with the Program Management team include the following:
• Pursuing a master’s degree with an emphasis in Finance, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering and/or Business (Operations or Project Management) is preferred
• Experiences as a team lead on large scale complex programs with exposure to the following:  PMO Support, Project Management, Program Development/Testing, Business Requirements Analysis, Quality Assurance and large ERP implementation
• PMP is preferred
Work Locations include: Chicago, Dallas, New York, and San Francisco
Apply on GWorkSB by December 31, 2015!

Hiring an Editorial Assistant to Support ASCE Editor-in-Chief

Apply via GWork, Position ID 833076. Apply before December 5, 2015.

The International Center for Project Management Excellence within the GW School of Business seeks an editorial assistant to support the Editor-in-Chief of American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Journal of Management in Engineering. The Center seeks a graduate student for the non-FWS position. Student would work directly with faculty, the journal’s associate editors, the ASCE staff, and authors. This position is an excellent fit for students interested in project management and/or engineering management. Open to students on a visa.


Fall 2015 On Campus Section of DNSC 6290 Intl Project Mgt Cancelled

The on campus section of DNSC 6290 International Project Management, section 11, with Prof Ghosh has been cancelled for the fall 2015 term. The online section, section DE1, will continue as planned. Contact the MSPM office at 202-994-6145 or mspminfo@gwu.edu with any questions.

VALOR Professional Credentialing Grant

VALOR and the Office of Military Affairs in conjunction with GW Career Services is proud to announce a new initiative aimed at supporting our VALOR students at GW in their efforts towards professional development with the advent of the VALOR Professional Credentialing Grant. Eligible VALOR students may apply for a reimbursement grant to be applied towards a number of professional certification exams. The initial ten eligible exams are listed below and we hope this program will continue to expand in the future. Further information and applications can be found at http://services.military.gwu.edu/scholarships. Applications for tests taken or to be taken between February 2015 and July 2015 may submitted as of April 1 and are due no later than April 20.

o             Accounting (CPA)

o             Marketing (PCM)

o             Project Management (PMP)

o             Human Resources (PCHR)

o             Nursing (RN/NP)

o             Professional Engineer (PE)

o             Law Bar Exam (JD)

o             Paralegal (PCPS)

o             Private Detective and Investigator (PI)

o             Professional Counselor (CPC)

MWAA Management Intern Program

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) is looking for talented individuals to join their accelerated Management Intern Program. The program is an 18-month development program focused on either management, procurement, information technology or engineering. Learn more through the announcement and at mwaa.com. MWAA Management Internship Program Announcement 2015

MWAA also has a variety of full-time project management and related positions available – check them out!

Spring 2015 Electives

Two 3 credit electives are available in the spring 2015 semester – DNSC 6234 Procurement & Contracting and DNSC 6290 Communication Strategies in Project Management.  One 1.5 credit elective – DNSC 6290 Sustainable Supply Chains – is also available. These electives may be applied to the Decision Sciences (DNSC) elective or general elective requirements for the program.

DNSC 6234 Procurement & Contracting (3 credit hours) taught by Peter Easley, JD

The purchase of services and materials by organizations is the subject of this course.  The course reflects current changes whereby the federal buying process is emulating many of the best practices found in private sector purchasing.  The study encompasses policy and public interest factors that complicate government buying and places those factors in perspective with private sector buying which often captures significant efficiencies and economic advantages associated with well managed corporate acquisition programs.  The study spans requirements determination, procurement planning, solicitation, pricing, contract design, award procedures and administrative issues that affect procurement.

Prerequisites: None


DNSC 6290 Communication Strategies in Project Management (3 credit hours) taught by Dr. Julia Keleher (winner of 2014 MSPM Outstanding Faculty Award)

This course focuses the leadership and management practices that facilitate successful project implementation. The course examines project management in various organizational settings and addresses 1) communication 2) change management, and 3) performance management. The course readings focus on best practices in these areas. Case studies are used to provide a context for analyzing the role these practices play in successful project implementation.

Prerequisites: None


DNSC 6290 Sustainable Supply Chains (1.5 credit hours, 1st half of semester) taught by Dr. Marie Matta

This course will introduce the concepts and techniques related to analyzing strategic issues in supply chain management. Diverse topics, such as supply chain design, network planning, supply contracts, risk pooling, supply chain coordination and integration, and strategic alliances, comprise this course. Using cases, students will explore supply chain decision making at the strategic level in diverse industries such as apparel, electronics, automobile, grocery, and retail. Issues and trends related to supply chain system activities such as communication, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and facility location decisions will be discussed at a strategic level. By the end of the course, students will understand that when a company’s supply chain is integrated with a firm’s overall business strategy it serves as a powerful competitive weapon.

SPECIAL NOTE: Attendance of Blackboard Collaborate sessions are mandatory for distance students. Collaborate sessions TBD.

Prerequisites: None

MSPM: In the Know, March 19, 2014

MSPM: In the Know

Fall 2014 Registration Opens Tomorrow, 20 Mar
Fall 2014 Electives and Last Chance for a Spring 2014 Elective
Events Roundup

Dear MSPM Students,

The top 3 items you need to know this week:

Fall 2014 Registration Opens Tomorrow, 20 Mar

Registration for the fall 2014 semester opens tomorrow at 7am EDT via the GWeb Info Systems site. If you have confirmed your course registrations for the fall 2014 semester with me, register accordingly. If you need to confirm your course registrations or update your plan in DegreeMAP, schedule an advisement session with me via www.meetme.so/gwmspm. Register early to ensure a seat before we begin processing names on our wait list.

If you plan to register for DNSC 6269 PM Application (capstone) in the fall semester, you must register via a Registration Transaction Form (RTF), not via GWeb. Submit a completed RTF to my attention via email or fax for review and processing. Details for the form, such as the course CRN and section, may be found on the Schedule of Classes.

Fall 2014 Electives and Last Chance for a Spring 2014 Elective

The MSPM program will offer two 1.5 credit electives in the fall 2014 semester – DNSC 6290 International Project Management (Dr. Sam Ghosh) and DNSC 6290 Project Management & Organizational Context (Dr. Julia Keleher). Dr. Ghosh’s course will be offered during the first half of the semester, August 25-October 18, 2014. Dr. Keleher’s course will be offered during the second half of the semester, October 20-December 6, 2014. These electives are project management-specific, available both on campus and via distance, and may be applied to the Decision Sciences (DNSC) elective requirement for the program. An executive summary of each elective is available at www.gwprojectmanagement.org.

GWSB is also offering a unique on-campus course during the week of May 12-15, 2014. Earn 1.5 credits of general electives this spring through the MBAD 6290.12 Business & Society course by Rafael Lucea, Professor of International Business & International Affairs. The course offers an overview of the broad arena in which business operates with particular attention to its political, social and economic environments. The course is in DC and includes visits to the Fed, US Capitol, IMF, and USAID. To register, submit an RTF to my attention immediately via email or fax (CRN 97110). Only 6 seats remain!

Events Roundup

Tuesday, 25 Mar, 11am-12pm EDT – Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework webinar from ITMPI.

Wednesday, 26 Mar, 11:30am-1pm EDT – Practical Answers to Business Questions About Post-Award Bid Protests featuring Don Carney in Duques 453 in DC. Event is organized by PMIWDC and is free of charge.

Saturday, 29 Mar, 8pm-12am EDT – Fourth Annual Business Gives Back Gala at Long View Gallery in DC.

Wednesday, 2 Apr, 6-7pm EDT – Career Development Speaker Series: A Day as a Solutions Architect featuring Suneel Grover from SAS at Duques 353 in DC. This event is sponsored by the GW Business Analytics Association and counts toward the seminar requirement for the Certificate in Business Analytics.

Fall 2014 Electives

The MSPM program will offer two 1.5 credit electives in the fall 2014 semester – DNSC 6290 International Project Management and DNSC 6290 Project Management & Organizational Context.  These electives are project management-specific, available both on campus and via distance, and may be applied to the Decision Sciences (DNSC) elective requirement for the program.  An executive summary of each elective is provided below.

DNSC 6290 International Project Management (1.5 credit hours) taught by Dr. Sam Ghosh

August 25-October 18, 2014

The course is designed to augment the basics of project management theory with theory, practices and methodologies pertinent to the global project environment.  The course begins with a practical look at investigating the cultural environment in order to understand the context of managing global projects.



Course Objectives

1)      To understand the difference between project management and international project management

2)      To understand different cultures and how it impacts management for projects in a domestic and global environment

3)      To understand different modules involved in international project management

Assignments will include an individual homework assignment, an individual short paper, and a team research paper. Professor will confirm final assignments/deliverables on the first day of class.
DNSC 6290 Project Management & Organizational Context (1.5 credit hours) taught by Dr. Julia Keleher
October 20-December 6, 2014

This course explores how the organizational context in which project management takes place interacts with project management practices.  Readings focus on three areas: 1) the characteristics that define and differentiate organizational contexts and organizational culture, 2) the role and function of a Project Management Office and 3) the interaction of organizational context and culture on project management processes. Assignments and learning activities involve applying course concepts to real-world situations and case studies. Students will analyze the influence of organizational context on project management decisions taking place during initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing processes.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the key terms and concepts used to define, classify and describe organizations, organizational context and organizational culture
  2. Identify the implications of organizational context and culture for project management and learning
  3. Recognize the benefits and challenges associated with centralized project management practices and Project Management Offices (PMO) across organizational contexts
  4. Apply course concepts to  your professional experiences and real world cases
  5. Identify the skills and competencies a Project Manager needs to be successful in different organizational contexts.


2 written assignments and 2 presentations. Professor will confirm final assignments/deliverables on the first day of class.