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Feedback Session Spring 2016

This year’s MSPM Feedback Session held on May 12, 2016 from 4-5:30 PM at Duques 652 was worth a blog. The goal of the session was to get feedback from graduating class of Spring 2016 on how MSPM can improve from a programmatic standpoint, in terms of delivering high-quality education. Besides the high turn-out of participants (85% of Spring 2016 class), the MSPM team of facilitators implemented a new strategy to solicit feedback from students this year.  This strategy included focused group discussions, group presentations followed by comments from the MSPM faculty and staff. This was quite different from the previous years’ session where the floor was open to everyone to speak about their experience.

Thank you participants! The MSPM program was impressed by the wealth of ideas from the students. We are committed to take action based on your feedback.





MSPM: In the Know, January 5, 2016

Top 3 for 5 Jan

2015 PMIEF Scholarship Recipients Announced
The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) announced their awards for 2015. Over 200 scholarships were awarded to students, teachers, and practitioners from around the world. Awardees included GW MSPM students Dongying Ma and Santiago Roldan Acevedo. Congratulations!
Review the list of available scholarships and apply before 1 May for consideration.  

Spring Semester Begins Monday, 11 Jan
Are you ready for the spring semester? Registered for classes? Ordered your textbooks? Did you answer no to any of these questions? Time is running out, take action now to avoid late fees. 

University Policy Regarding Religious Holidays
Students must notify faculty during the first week of the semester of their intention to be absent from class on their day(s) of religious observance. Review the full policy and calendar on the Office of the Provost website.

MSPM: In the Know, December 8, 2015

Top 3 for 8 Dec

Register for Spring 2016 Courses
Registration for spring courses has been open since 9 Nov. Register immediately to secure a seat in required courses. Available seats will be released to non-MSPM students on the wait list next week. Please also note that two campus sections were already cancelled due to low enrollment. Sections with less than 16 students enrolled are subject to cancellation. Register now to save a section and a seat.

Business & Society Course, Study Away in DC, 6-9 Jan 2016
An exciting accelerated course elective is available for Spring 2016. MBAD 6290.10 Business & Society (3 credits, CRN 74642) is a four day on-campus course held 6-9 Jan. If you are interested, submit a Registration Transaction Form to request a seat. Seats are limited.

MSPM Student Handbook 2015-2016
AA new resource was made available to students at the start of the fall semester. The MSPM Student Handbook provides information on policies, procedures, and links to other university resources and information. If you are not familiar with the handbook, cozy up over break and dig in.

Business and Society Course, Study Away Program in DC, January 6-9, 2016

An exciting accelerated course elective is still available for the Spring of 2016. Business and Society, a 4 day on campus residency will be held from January 6-9, 2016. If you are interested in enrolling in this course option please submit a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) to the MSPM director for review and processing. Forms will be processed on a first come first serve basis with an internal wait list being created once the course reaches 30 students.Business and Society Residency (3 credits, CRN 74642)

Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday through Friday, January 6-8 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, January 9 – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Course Description:

2015 has been deemed the year of the crowd, recognizing that the collaborative economy is increasingly impacting many sectors of society. In this course, students will take an in depth look at how crowdfunding democratizes access to finance for development. Crowdfunding is the process of relaying on a crowd of small contributions for funding rather than relying on funding from a fewer number of big corporations or funding entities. Crowdfunding allows people to raise money outside of institutional systems, which are often encumbered with bureaucracy.

In this course students will review current trends and issues in crowdfunding and how they apply to (economic) development starting by reviewing the Jumpstart Our Business Act (aimed at creating new ways for investors to fund start-up businesses) and financial regulations for crowd funding. During this class students will investigate debt crowd funding models to promote access to finance as well as learn how crowd funding accelerates poverty alleviation.

This course is part of the Business and Society series and is condensed into four days from January 6th through January 9th. Classroom lectures will be complimented by site visits to Crowdfunding platforms (Fundrise) and incubators (1776) in the Washington D.C area.

MSPM: In the Know, December 1, 2015

Top 3 for 1 Dec

Scholarships for Spring 2016, 11 Dec Application Deadline
The program will award five scholarships to current students, each in the amount of $4,000. Details on the application process, the guidelines, and criteria are available on the blog. Applications due on Friday, 11 Dec, by 6 p.m. EST. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Spring 2016 Course Updates
Registration remains open for spring 2016 courses. Register via GWeb immediately to secure a seat in your required courses. Non-MSPM students on the wait list for core courses will be allowed to register December 15. Secure your seat before the seat is given to those on the wait list.

Update on DNSC electives – the campus section of DNSC 6290 Communication Strategies in Project Management, section 13, was cancelled. The DE section will continue to run as scheduled, though.
Textbook information is available through the GW Campus Store website. Search for your course via the website to verify the required textbooks.

GW Tourism Alumni Network Cocktails and Connections, 3 Dec
The GW Tourism Alumni Network invites all graduate students and alumni to their Cocktails and Connections event on Thursday, 3 Dec. The event will take place at Tonic, 2036 G St, NW, from 6-7 p.m. Food and drinks will be provided, register online to attend.

MSPM: In the Know, November 25, 2015

Top 2 for 25 Nov

Spring 2016 Scholarships for Current MSPM Students, 11 Dec Application Deadline
Scholarship funding is available for current MSPM students in spring 2016. The program will award five scholarships, each in the amount of $4,000. Application deadline is Friday, 11 Dec, 6 p.m. EST. Review application materials in detail for the full list of guidelines, eligibility criteria, and the complete application process. Late applications or those that do not comply with the instructions will not be considered for an award, no exceptions.
2016 Commencement Schedule Now Available
The commencement schedule for May 2016 is now available. Full details on the GW School of Business Celebration is available at http://business.gwu.edu/commencement/. The GW Commencement details are available at http://commencement.gwu.edu/. Graduates from fall 2015, spring 2016, and summer 2016 are invited to participate in the commencement events. Monitor the two websites for updates. The program will also provide updates as we approach key dates.

MSPM: In the Know, November 3, 2015

Top 3 for 3 Nov

Attend the GWSB Alumni Roundtables, 9 Nov
Alumni roundtables will be held Monday, 9 Nov, from 6-8:30 p.m. in the City View Room at 1957 E St, NW. Register to attend this event and network with prominent GW alumni. Who knows, you may find your next employer at the event! Event begins with a cocktail reception followed by two roundtable discussions. Attire is business formal, strict dress code is fully enforced. Register to secure a limited number of seats.

Check for Holds that May Prevent Registration
Be sure to remove any holds on your account that may prevent you from register for classes 9 Nov. Did you…

  • Pay your student account balance?
  • Submit you immunization records?
  • Submit official transcripts?
  • Take care of all official administrative business?
To view your holds, log in to GWeb:
  • Click on “Student Record and Registration” folder
  • Next, click on “Student Records Information Menu”
  • Finally, click on “View Administrative Holds”

Spring 2016 Registration Opens 9 Nov
The spring 2016 schedule of classes is now available to help you plan for registration, which opens Monday, 9 Nov. Questions? Schedule an advisement session with Cambria Happ via www.meetme.so/gwmspm.

Registration in DNSC 6269 Project Management Application, the capstone, is not available via GWeb. See last week’s edition for instructions on how to register for DNSC 6269.

Two 3 credit hour project management electives scheduled for spring:

  • DNSC 6234 Procurement & Contracting, on campus and online sections available
  • DNSC 6290 Communication Strategies in Project Management, on campus and online sections available