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MSPM: In the Know, May 20, 2015

Top 3 for 20 May

Congratulations to the 2015 GW Grads!
Last week was a busy time on campus. Between residency week for our online capstone students, the GWSB gala, GWSB awards ceremony, the school celebration, and the GW Commencement on the National Mall, we celebrated the grads every day of the week and in every way possible.

Check out the highlights via:
• “Implementing a Comprehensive Estimating Solution for NASA,” May 21, Free for GW Students
The PMA is proud to host the AACEI National Capital Section Meeting on Thursday, 21 May, at GWSB. Bill Hombach is the featured speaker at the event. AACEI has offered free registration to GW students. To register, email chapp@gwu.edu with your full name, email address, and GW program by 5 p.m. 20 May.

Summer Registration Deadlines
The summer semester began on 18 May. Monday, 25 May, is the last day to add a class via GWeb and to drop a class using any means (GWeb, RTF), for Summer Session I. Take action now to avoid issues later. Visit the Office of the Registrar site for full details and info on Summer Session II.

Expanding Open Procurement Markets Under the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement: Brazil – A Case Study in Opening the BRICS

The leading free trade agreement in procurement, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), is missing the BRICS: the world’s most important developing economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have all failed to join. GW Law hosted this open colloquium, where a panel of senior procurement experts from Brazil, joined by senior members of the U.S. trade and procurement communities, explored the key hurdles to be met in bringing Brazil and the other BRICS into the GPA.

Program materials available online.

Link to video of colloquium.

Panel Topics

  • The GPA accession process — how the WTO views it, and how potential new entrants see it
  • Political and economic challenges for Brazil and other developing nations in preparing to join the GPA
  • The road to harmonization in procurement rules, between Brazil and the world
  • Addressing Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) preferences
  • “Buy Brazilian” — unique problems raised by domestic preferences

Panelists and Moderators

  • Alecia Bicalho, Motta & Bicalho
  • Augusto Dal Pozzo, Dal Pozzo Advogados
  • Cesar Pereira, Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini
  • Maurício Ribeiro, Portugal Ribeiro Advogados
  • Jean Heilman Grier , Principal Trade Consultant, Djaghe, LLC
  • Johannes Schnitzer, SchnitzerLaw, Vienna
  • Robert Anderson, World Trade Organization
  • Daniel I. Gordon, Steven L. Schooner, Joshua Schwartz, Jessica Tillipman, and Christopher R. Yukins, The George Washington University Law School